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JVRC 2013 is going to take place at Nano-INNOV, 25 km south of Paris. This integration centre is made of two operational buildings, a third being currently commissioned, located in the heart of the Paris-Saclay campus. Nano-INNOV is one part of a unifying initiative that aims at driving a coordinated development of the innovative technologies that will pave the way for tomorrow products. The centre main objective is to bring together the best skills for the design of future systems in the frame of multi-disciplinary approaches. Accommodating nowadays 600 people from research organizations (including 200 CEA LIST researchers and collaborators), companies and start-ups, Nano-INNOV will gather 900 people in 2014 on a total laboratory and office surface of 28,000 square meters.

Coming to Nano-Innov

JVRC 2013 is taking place in two Nano-Innov buildings. A map of the Nano-Innov site may be found here. The registration desk, the exhibition, regular demonstrations, posters and lunch are located in the N3 building. The conference sessions, the collaborative demos and the coffee breaks in the N2 building. We will thus be glad to welcome you on December 11th in the N3 building between 08.45 and 09.30 for registration and breakfast.

To arrive by car or taxi, the Nano-Innov map will give you all the information. The Nano-Innov visitor parking is a small one, but if you drive past the Nano-Innov entrance, you will find the large Corbeville parking which is quite near the conference buildings.

Access map

With public transport:

  • The first step is to reach the Massy-Palaiseau RER station located on both lines RER B and RER C (please see For example, the trip from Denfert-Rochereau (Paris) takes about 25 minutes (see
  • The second step consists in reaching Nano-Innov from the Massy RER station. Special JVRC buses will be available at the Massy-Palaiseau RER Station each morning (on the 11/12, 12/12 and 13/12) to reach the conference premices at Nano-Innov (see below for the bus location). The respective departure times are:
Wednesday, December 11th 08.20 and 08.40 am
Thursday, December 12th 07.45 and 08.00 am
Friday, December 13th 08.00 and 08.15 am

The return service will be provided in the evening of the 11th of December (from Nano-Innov to Massy-Palaiseau RER station at 19.00, but directly to Paris Denfert-Rochereau at 22.00 for those attending the demo evening). On the evening of the 12th, the buses will go direct to Paris for the conference diner. Finally, on the 13th of December, one bus will leave Nano-Innov for the RER Station just after lunch.

There is also a regular bus service between Massy-Palaiseau and Nano-Innov (buses 91-06B or 91-06C, but do not take the 91-06A nor 91-06D) that is available all day long. The station in front of Nano-Innov is named "Thomson-Corbeville" and the required ticket is a regular Paris metro ticket (please see

Leaving the RER station is through a walkway that crosses the tracks. Arriving from Paris, the regular bus stop is on the left side of the RER station (RER B bus station), while the JVRC buses will wait for you on the right side (RER C bus station). Please have a look at the GE image below:

 Massy RER station


A list of possible hotels is available here.



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