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JVRC 2013 Registration

Preregistration link is HERE.

Before starting the registration procedure, please read this page.


The conference duration is 2 ½ days (from December 11 morning to December 13 noon).

The exhibition will start at noon on December 11, and finish on December 12 evening (duration: 1 ½ day).

Registration procedure

The registration procedure is performed in three steps:

  • Preregistration:

The preregistration questionnaire will ask you for your personal / organisation data, and to select your fee category.

If your are a member of Eurographics, please write your EG membership number after your first name.

If you are an individual member of EuroVR, please write "EuroVR" after your first name.

If you affiliated with a EuroVR corporate member, please write "EuroVR" after the name of your organisation.

If you are a student, please send a scan of your student card at

  • You will then receive an email from the organisers either requesting additional information or providing you with the registration link. All additional documents (scans, proof of membership, etc.) should be all sent to
  • Registration:

The registration questionnaire will ask you if you plan to participate to the social event (with a possibility to purchase additional tickets) and to the demo evening or afternoon. You will then proceed to the payment. Credit card, bank transfer and purchase order are both accepted means of payment.

Membership discounts

Special registration fees are provided for members of:

  • EuroVR
  • Eurographics
  • ACM

Fees are also reduced for registrations made before November 15 (early-bird registrations).

Eurographics members

We will need your EG membership number so as to validate your registration with "member" discount.

EuroVR members

When registering, please indicate if you are an individual member or if you are in the staff of a corporate member. A maximum of five membership reductions may be claimed by EuroVR corporate members.


We will ask (by email at for a scan of your student card in order to validate the student special rate.


We will be sorry to reject any registration without proper justification.

Registration fees

Registration Fees


Late registration

Members full registration

350 €

450 €

Student members full registration

150 €

200 €

Non-members full registration

450 €

550 €

Student non-members full registration

200 €

250 €




Exhibition pass (one day, 11/12 or 12/12)

75 €

100 €

Industrial speaker (half-day)

75 €

75 €




Social event

100 €

150 €

Full registration includes:

  • Full access to the conference (scientific and industrial) sessions
  • Full access to the exhibition and demos
  • A delegate pack including an electronic version of the conference proceedings
  • Lunches and coffee breaks for the whole duration.

Students will be asked to prove their status.

Exhibition pass (one day) includes:

  • One day access to the exhibition and demos
  • Lunch and coffee breaks for one day.

Industrial speaker (half-day) includes:

  • Half day access to the conference (scientific and industrial) sessions
  • A delegate pack including an electronic version of the conference proceedings
  • Lunch and coffee break for half a day.

Additional items

  • social event:

Assistance to the social event is not included in any of the above registration fees.

Tickets can be purchased for 100 € each in the early-bird period or 150 € afterwards.

  • demonstrations:

We would like to propose you a "demo evening" on December 11 and/or a "demo afternoon" on December 13. These will take the shape of a tour of the Paris-Sud campus with demos of:

    • The EVE system, the VENISE team multi user and multisensory CAVE-like setup at CNRS/LIMSI (,
    • VR applications developed by the Interactive Simulation Laboratory at the CEA-List (,
    • The large visualisation/interaction facilities developed by some of the Digiscope partners (

These events are free, but we need to assess your interest for logistic reasons. We thus kindly ask you to mention if you plan to attend one or both of these "tours". For people who plan to attend both events, we will arrange a different programme.



Dear JVRC 2013 participants,

The demo evening planned on December 11th is very successful and many JVRC attendees have selected this option. Unfortunately, we have to limit the number of persons in each demo group so as to offer reasonably comfortable conditions. We have thus decided to stop the registration for the demo evening and to propose the same demos during the demo afternoon on December 13th.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Best wishes,

The JVRC 2013 organising committee.


In case of difficulty, please contact us at

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