Welcome at JVRC 2013


5th Joint Virtual Reality Conference

Campus Paris Saclay, 11-13 December 2013


After Lyon, Stuttgart, Nottingham, and Madrid, the series of Joint Virtual Reality Conferences (JVRC) continue with Paris on 11-13 December 2013. This year conference gathers:

  • The 19th Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments (EGVEwww.eg.org/)
  • The 10th Conference and Exhibition of the European Association of Virtual and Augmented Reality (EuroVR - www.eurovr-association.org)

As previous issues, JVRC 2013 will bring together people from industry, commerce, research including technology developers, suppliers and all those interested in virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and 3D user interfaces to exchange knowledge and share experiences of new results and applications, live demonstrations of current and emerging technologies and form collaborations for future work. 

JVRC 2013 will also feature several common France-Japan events with the 23rd International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence (ICAT 2013), which be held during the same period in Tokyo (http://www.ic-at.org/2013/).

The venue this year is the Campus Paris Saclay, slightly to the south of Paris, where numerous Universities, Engineering Schools, Research Institutes and Industrial Labs are currently being gathered. A special mention must be made of the Digiscope project, which aims to create a world class research platform on collaborative interaction with complex data and computation (www.digiscope.fr). To this goal, a network of heterogeneous large-scale visualisation and VR systems (virtual reality rooms, large power walls, ultra-high resolution walls and large multitouch surfaces) is being implemented between the eleven research laboratories involved in this project.

Actually, VENISE group of CNRS/LIMSI (www.limsi.fr/venise/) and Interactive Simulation Laboratory from CEA LIST (www.kalisteo.fr/lsi/en), the local organisers of JVRC 2013, are in charge of the management of the VR research activities of the Digiscope project. Consequently, the common France-Japan events between JVRC 2013 and ICAT 2013, will especially focus on most advanced researches and applications on co-located and/or remote interactions in Immersive and Collaborative Virtual Environnments.


EGVE is the Eurographics (www.eg.org/) international symposium for the exchange of experience and knowledge among researchers and developers concerned with using and improving Virtual Environments. It started in 1993 as a workshop, and the symposium has most recently been held in Zurich 2003, Grenoble 2004, Aalborg 2005, Lisbon 2006, Weimar 2007, Eindhoven 2008 and continues as the scientific sessions of JVRC in Lyon 2009, Stuttgart 2010, Nottingham 2011 and Madrid 2012.


EuroVR is a non-profit, scientific and industrial Association that was founded to continue and expand the work initiated by the INTUITION Network of Excellence (EC FP6 NoE) as a self-sustainable, independent organization to support the virtual and augmented reality communities (www.eurovr-association.org). In the wake of the five successful INTUITION conferences and exhibitions held in Athens 2004, Paris 2005, Stuttgart 2006, Athens 2007 and Torino 2008, the EuroVR event was turned into the industrial sessions and exhibitions of the successive JVR Conferences.



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